Social Media Marketing

Social Media is just that – social.  It’s often slow and seductive, welcoming people to your company with open arms and a feeling that they belong.  It’s where your loyal followers want to pop in and see what you have been doing that day, much like they want to check on their friends, and you want to be there, waiting with a cheery ‘Hello’ every day.  It’s understanding algorithms and the right time to post, getting the correct tone of voice and the best photos.  It’s a ball-ache and we are here to help.

Our packages start from £250 per month, which includes 1 post a day on your two favourite social media channels, every single day. Once a month we will check in with you about the month ahead and present some figures from the previous month, detailing your growing social media so you can see the effects month on month.  You have the chance to send us your latest news and products and we will make sure we promote them in the best possible way to your audience. Your social media will be a combination of ‘behind the scenes’ and any professional images you use in your business. In short, your social media will be consistent and coherent and you will have more time on your hands to do the things you love doing.

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