“Why a styled shoot?”  We hear you cry.  “What even is a styled shoot?” We hear you mutter.  The answers are quite simple.  A styled photo shoot gives you the creative edge your competitors just wont have.  They allow you to curate a selection of images that only your company has, that truly reflect your brand. Working alongside you we can help come up with a concept for your shoot, source the right photographer and any other suppliers you may need to make the images you need.  The photos can then be used in your advertising, social media and blog posts.  Done correctly they can supply you with lasting photos that can be used time and time again.

Each photo shoot is unique and cost will ultimately depend on other factors such as – which photographer you choose, where you decide to have it and whether you would like to have other suppliers (Such as models, make up artists and so forth) on board.  Our costs start from £150 per day.  

For a bespoke quote or to invite us over for a chat contact us below.