Words. No matter how good your images are, without the right words you may as well be peeing into the proverbial.  But, as you know, sometimes, no matter how desperate you are,  the right words get stage fright.  They are just on the tip of your tongue, and yet they wont come out.  Or they come out in a hot-mess of mixed metaphors and jumbled sentences. And frankly, that isn’t a satisfactory experience for anyone.

In short, the wrong words can hurt your business, no matter what they told you at school.  Every time you write something for your company, be it a Facebook Ad or a full page advertorial for a national magazine, you have the power to influence people to invest in you.  

Don’t get it wrong.

Our packages start from £150 per day, depending on how much copy you want written or edited.  A discussion about the tone of voice you want to use will occur, with key words and concepts discussed.  The aim of the game is to be consistent and coherent throughout your written word, creating a voice which is synonymous with your branding and thus reassuring your clients you know what you’re talking about. You will also have a whole lot more time to be working on your business, not in it.  Or actually spending it doing something non-business related… Oh, the possibilities….

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