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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.  Let’s face it, social media can be a royal pain and a time-suck you could do without.  The endless search for inspiration, creating the right photo and then making sure you post it at the most opportune moment can become a full time job in itself.  The smart thing to do?  Hand the responsibility over to someone else and spend your time doing something you love.

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Images, images everywhere.  In a world where we are bombarded with the minute details of day to day life make sure your photos stop that finger scrolling on by.  If you’re looking to arrange some images for your brand that truly represent your company you’re in safe hands.  From the initial concept to seeing your work in print, we can guide you through the process. We will help arrange for the professionals to step in and step up to create a set of well thought out, useful branding images. 

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Because sometimes words just fail us.  If your idea of writing a blog, or copy for an advert leaves you dry in the mouth leave it to us.  We can pour some (metaphorical*) liquor and get those words flowing. 

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*may sometimes be real


Five years ago, along with my husband, we set up a company hiring lighting for weddings and events. With the humble aim of supplying lighting to just 10 weddings that year, we knew we had a brilliant product, but no idea how we were going to tell the world about it.  What was clear was our roles within the company – my husband was the muscle, I was the mastermind. (He may have a different opinion..) Possessing an English and Creative Writing degree it was a natural step to take charge of the marketing for the business, so I threw myself into learning every single thing I could about it.  By the end of the 1st year of business we had supplied lighting to 150 weddings and I had learnt just how powerful sending the right message into the world could be.

Fast-forward 5 years and over 700 weddings and we have now sold the business and I’m now itching to share all the skills I learnt as a small business owner.  I understand the difficulties faced by your business and what it takes to grow as a company.  I’m a massive advocate of supporting local, and I am always amazed by the breadth of businesses that are right on the doorstep. 

Learning on the job and constantly adding to my knowledge has become a passion, something I never knew I would enjoy.  And you know, it turns out I can be pretty persuasive sometimes.  Just ask my husband.

And Another Thing

If you don’t like Prince we can’t work together. Ever.

The seaside is my favourite place – mainly the South West of France.

Savoury over Sweet.

Yes to wine, gin, champagne, cocktails. 

I love to look at material even though I can’t sew…

Interiors are my other passion – brown is back, you heard it here first

Weeding is not my favourite, but I’m partial to a bit of gardening

I’m not competitive, but I do like to win

Straight lines over curvy

Tidy over messy

Numbers bore me

Swearing is fine with me

Fish is the food of the devil.  And yes, that includes seafood, tuna and chip-shop fish 

I wanted to be a dancer on Top of The Pops






We are working on it! Our projects are varied and we are putting together some blog posts for you so you can see what we have been doing. Or have a look at some of our clients to see if we can work together. 



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